Well, some of them...

Iben, 24 years old

”I live at the top of Blækhus Valby and love the roof terrace and the top floor common room. I love
Copenhagen, and I love my life at Blækhus. I miss my boyfriend and my good friends in Aarhus, but there’s
just so much to do here.”

LINDA, 26 years old

“It’s great moving in somewhere that is brand new. There’s plenty of light in Blækhus,
people are nice and like hanging out together. The bathrooms are good too!”

Alexandra, 28 years old

”My boyfiend and I are so happy in Copenhagen. And Blækhus is a place where people are friendly and where you feel totally safe.”

Victoria, 24 years old

”I’m just so in love with Copenhagen and big city life. It’s so lively, and I love that about it - and I feel at home in Blækhus”

Stefan, 34 years old

”Blækhus apartments are modern, beautiful, and cosy”Come to Copenhagen! It’s a small and cosy metropolis. We have lots of beautiful, quirky environments, lots of underground culture, and lots of parks and nature in and around the city.”

Carmen, 27 years old

”At Blækhus I live on my own, but in a community. I have always lived together with someone. First my parents, then a boyfriend but now I finally have my very own place, and that’s really nice.”

Roger, 27 years old

”At Blækhus, I wake with the light over Copenhagen each morning, which is a great feeling. Blækhus is beautiful. Great common rooms and a good communal kitchen. Valby is also cosy with good shops and cafes.”

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