”It’s the beautiful, modern apartments and cozy common rooms that make this place special!"

  • 1986
  • Education

When Stefan isn’t spending his time in Blækhus studying, he’s often on the go with his folk guitar. He plays live at cafes and bars around town, earning a bit extra to bring home on the side.

Stefan is a musician and trained actor, but is now studying to be a childcare worker.

”There’s a lot that motivates me. I like acting and music, but I also think that early childhood education is super exciting. I hope I end up with a good balance between doing something creative, but also within my field.”

He was born and grew up in Amager, but whether he finds himself in Nørrebro or Vanløse, he feels at home in Copenhagen.

”Come to Copenhagen! It’s a small and cosy metropolis. We have lots of beautiful, quirky environments, lots of underground culture, and lots of parks and nature in and around the city.”

What makes Blækhus special?

Beautiful, modern apartments and cosy common rooms.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I mostly like singer-songwriters like Jack Johnson, James Taylor
and Ray LaMontagne

Who is your favourite author?

Right now I’m only reading study relevant literature.