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Blækhus Aarhus offers 319 fantastic and fully serviced rental apartments (30-35m2) with private kitchen, spacious bathroom, living room with built-in wardrobes and French balcony.

A few features that make Blækhus Aarhus a great place to live:

10 common rooms with balconies.
Roof terrace with petanque court and views over Aarhus.
Possibility to borrow rooms for larger gatherings.
Common areas in the iconic rooms of the neighbouring building "Kulturbunkeren", where you can meet with your study group.
Perhaps the best location in the city
The location is both close to the city centre and in the same area as the major educational institutions - including the University, Aarhus Tech and Via University.

Apartment Types

SIZE 30-35 m2
INTERNET Possibility for YouSee fibre network
Floor plans are intended to give a general indication of the layout. Variations may occur
SIZE 30-35m2
INTERNET Possibility for YouSee fibre network
Floor plans are intended to give a general indication of the layout. Variations may occur
SIZE 30 - 35M2
INTERNET Possibility for YouSee fibre network
Floor plans are intended to give a general indication of the layout. Variations may occur
HUSLEJE 5250-6500 DKK
INTERNET Possibility for YouSee fibre network
Floor plans are intended to give a general indication of the layout. Variations may occur
“It's a bit of an adventure!”

ALEXANDRA, Software Development

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Distance by bike

1 MIN to public transportation

2 MIN to Aarhus Tech

3 MIN to grocery stores

10 MIN to many educational institutions

Apartments in Aarhus

Do you dream of living in Aarhus? With Blækhus on Olof Palmes Allé, you get the opportunity to live in modern and functional rental apartments. Our spacious 1-room apartments in Aarhus have everything you need and more. Enjoy the morning sun on the rooftop terrace, play pétanque under the open sky, and find peace in the cozy lounge and work areas.

All in unique surroundings close to Aarhus C. Here you can go on shopping trips and café visits or take a walk in one of the many green areas. Aarhus City offers the best food experiences, exciting stores, and beautiful gardens.

Aarhus apartment for rent – Olof Palmes Allé

At Blækhus, you get a new studio apartment in Aarhus with a functional kitchenette, modern bathroom, built-in closet, etc. Our interior design is practical and elegant, making it easy to decorate your home to your taste. Although our apartments in Aarhus are 1-room, you can expect a smart layout where all square meters have been used to the fullest. Here you have space for all necessary furniture and plenty of opportunity to add the features you need.

When you rent our apartments, you don’t need to squeeze an office or yoga corner into your space. We have provided spacious common areas that offer both work zones, cozy lounges, a rooftop terrace, and much more. If you have friends or family visiting, you can use all the facilities in the Culture Bunker, which you will find right next to your home. Here you can also borrow the auditorium and practice school presentations or watch your favorite movie.

To make it easy to keep track of the lease, house rules and important documents, we have created a Blækhus app where you get everything in one place. In the app, you can also send messages or ask the caretaker and property manager any questions you might have.

If you need to do laundry, you can easily use the property’s modern laundry, where you will find many washing machines and tumble dryers. All of the best quality.

The technology is also top-notch. When it comes to your security, our Aarhus apartments have a modern door system and security surveillance in the building. In addition, the property has Smartpoint, which is a digital package box, where you can easily pick up your packages.

Aarhus apartment with unlimited rent

With Blækhus, you get unlimited rent. Our rental apartments on Olof Palmes Allé in Aarhus are for both students and young adults who already have completed their education. Unlike many other student and young adult apartments, you can stay even if you are no longer a student.

You are spared the stress that comes with a time-limited lease agreement, where you have to find a new place to live later on.

Accommodation in Aarhus – perfect for young adults

Our rental apartments in Aarhus are the perfect solution for you as a student at one of Aarhus’s many schools and universities. Our youth housing is located close to everything, so you can get around quickly in your daily life and on the weekends.

The Aarhus apartments are close to public transport, with the light rail only 4 minutes from your front door. In that way, you can always be on the go and quickly arrive at your destination. In addition, there are only a few minutes to universities, such as Aarhus Tech and Via University, so you never have to worry about being late again.

Enjoy the many nearby experiences alone, with your friends, or with other residents at Blækhus Aarhus. We value community and do our best to create the best framework for communal dining and fun events among those who live on the property. There is therefore plenty of opportunity to both be alone and enjoy social gatherings when desired.

If you want to be close to everything and experience the neighborhood’s combination of pulse and nature, then our student apartments in Aarhus on Olof Palmes Allé are the right housing solution for you. Sign up on the interest list or contact us directly.


Why live in Aarhus?

There are many great reasons to live in Aarhus. The city is full of life and culture, and is beautifully situated on the coast, with access to some of Denmark’s best beaches. There are plenty of good cafés, restaurants, museums, concert halls and much more. Aarhus is also known for being extremely welcoming to visitors and newcomers, giving the city a dynamic atmosphere.

How many people live in Arhus Center?

According to figures from Aarhus Municipality, around 26.000 people lived in Aarhus Center in 2022.

How many young people live in Aarhus?

According to figures from Danmarks Statistik there were approximately 117,000 people aged between 18 and 29 living in Aarhus in 2021, which corresponds to approximately 21.4% of the total population of the municipality. As Aarhus is a university city with a large number of students, this age group makes up a large part of the city’s population.

Is it expensive to live in Aarhus?

Rental prices for apartments and houses vary depending on the location and size of the property. At Blaekhus Aarhus we offer affordable 1 and 2-bedroom apartments.

How many people live in Aarhus N?

Aarhus N is a district in Aarhus, covering the area north of Aarhus Å. According to figures from Aarhus Municipality, around 42.000 people lived in Aarhus N in 2022. Aarhus N is one of the largest districts in Aarhus and is home to several of the city’s largest educational institutions, including Aarhus University and VIA University College. The district is known for its diversity and its mix of housing, business, and cultural activities.

Is Aarhus a good city?

In general, Aarhus is considered a great city to live in. The city has a high quality of life, a rich culture, a strong economy, a good educational system, and a friendly and welcoming approach to people. Aarhus is Denmark’s second-largest city and while being modern and vibrant, the city also has a great traditional charm.

Where is the best place to live in Aarhus?

It depends on your preferences and needs, as Aarhus has many different districts and areas to choose from. Aarhus N is one of the most popular and sought-after districts in Aarhus, as it is close to many educational institutions, has a lively city life, many green areas, and good public transportation.