”I've made many friends in Blækhus!"

Kristian’s lived in Blækhus since summer 2018. He’s been living the life with
many new friends, enjoying the international study environment at
Copenhagen Business School and trying out Copenhagen’s numerous old pubs.

Kristian grew up in the US just outside Philadelphia. His father is Danish, so he’s visited Denmark a couple of times a year over the past 20 years. Although Kristian doesn’t speak Danish, he feels he has a special connection.

“I regularly visited my grandparents in Aarhus and have spent many summers in Denmark. I love this country, and I’m thrilled to now be living in Copenhagen and in Blækhus.”

Kristian really enjoys the numerous opportunities at Blækhus for a good social life. He’s active in the CBS Debating Society, and a permanent fixture on the football team.

”We have really good common rooms; people are super friendly and we just had our first big party here. It was fantastic to get so many of us together. Everyone had a great time!”

You’re half-Danish, half-American. What’s the biggest difference between these two countries?

I think the biggest difference I see between the US and Denmark would be the value put on life outside of school and work. In Denmark people are more relaxed and social, making sure to find time for friends and family.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Rap. I also recommend Travis Scott and Big Sean.

What do you like most about Copenhagen?

Apart from Copenhagen Business School, the many young people you see everywhere and my friends. Then I’d also definitely give a shout out to Copenhagen’s many older bars, e.g.. Andy’s bar in Gothersgade.

What is the best book you have read?

I don’t really know. I’m mostly into audio books and I listen to many biographies. The last one I listened to was about a comedian, Trevor Noah.

What makes Blækhus special?

Great spaces for parties, good company and perfect location.

How do you see you life in 10 years?

Living in Denmark or the USA, working as a consultant and travelling a lot.