”I love Copenhagen!"

Linda, who is from Germany, grew up in Kiel. Today she loves Copenhagen because it reminds her so much of her hometown, only bigger.

”In Kiel we also have a beautiful and cosy harbour area, lots of cyclists and many students – so I quickly felt at home in Copenhagen,” says Linda.

Linda’s plan is to complete her Master of International Business Communication degree at Copenhagen Business School. For her bachelor’s degree, she studied in both Kiel and Madrid.

Linda is well travelled, after high school she spent one year in Perth, Australia as an au-pair, she has also lived in Madrid, and during the past few years she has lived in Barcelona, where she has family.

Linda is in love with Copenhagen and Copenhageners. ”People are relaxed and friendly here. I absolutely love being here, and I feel safe anywhere in the city.”

Linda is also full of enthusiasm about Blækhus, where she formed a close friendship with an American shortly after moving in. ”Juliana posted in the Blækhus residents’ Facebook group, asking if someone had an iron that she could borrow. I lent her mine, and now we’ve become really good friends,” says Linda with a smile.

What do you like most about Copenhagen?

People are super relaxed and friendly, and it’s a small and very cosy city.

What kind of books do you read?

A German author, Sebastian Fitzek.

What makes Blækhus special?

I like that I have privacy and peace and quiet in my apartment, but that I can also choose to be with others from the Blækhus community in one of the three common rooms or at the rooftop terraces.

As an IT student, what do you hope for?

I see myself working in an international company, perhaps in Copenhagen. I will have a husband and two children. Hmm.. otherwise maybe I’ll be living in Spain, where the weather is slightly better. Or in Australia.. No.. It’s too far from my family! Maybe in Copenhagen then.

What type of music do you listen to?

The top hits charts, but also other artists like Coldplay and James Morrisson.

As an International Business Student, what do you hope for?

I dream that I will get better at seeing the bigger picture in the little things.